5th Edition 2023
15th-17th of September

Limanu Harbour

Full length video is to come….stay tuned!

Soon full video will be available!

“The 5th year organising Corporate Regatta in Marina Limanu at the Black Sea, will provide our customers again with a new experinence unlike any other. SetSail’s first-rate instructors and friendly crew will train our diverse teams, racing like pro’s, while spectators will enjoy the action with beverages and gourmet dining abroad pleasure vesels – or onshore”

Valentin Oeru – Managing Partner

Companii participante

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Logo Medicum



Overall Results

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Overall Pos Yacht Name Team Boat Type Skipper TOTAL Net
1 Medicum Melx Sinergia 40 mod. Cristian Ghelner 1.00 1.00
2 Irony Erste Private Banking First 40.7 Catalin Corduneanu 2.00 2.00
3 Lion's Story Sameday Courier Swan 42CS MIhael Neagu 3.00 3.00
4 Nitro Connections Safier Nitro Alin Raciu 4.00 4.00
5 Simina Netopia Elan 410 Adrian Bulf 5.00 5.00
6 Nemo Asko Group First 40.7 Andrei Ionescu 6.00 6.00
7 Incognito Printman First 40.7 Matei Oprina 7.00 7.00
8 Mojo Asko Group First 40.7 Gabriel Borcea 8.00 8.00
Overall Pos Yacht Name Team Boat Type Skipper TOTAL Net
1 Infinity Emag Dufour 390 Ionut Lupu 1.00 1.00
2 Santa Lucia Kaufland Dufour 412 Andreea Matache 2.00 2.00
3 Legacy Asko Group Dufour 390 Bogdan Didenco 3.00 3.00
4 Santa Maria Hospice Oceanis 40 Valeriu Popescu 4.00 4.00
5 Cassiopeia Emag< Oceanis 38.1 Cornel Bossenmayer 5.00 5.00
6 Baby Four Printman Elan 434 Cristian Aldea 6.00 6.00
7 Joy OTP Bank Sun Odyssey 49i Mark Fischoff 7.00 7.00
8 Santa Clara KXL Oceanis 38 Dan Musat 8.00 8.00
9 Santa Monica Erste Private Banking Oceanis 38 Jean Stamate 9.00 9.00

Photo gallery

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