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An event date will be set after the Romanian Yachting Federation, will provide the oficial racing program for the year 2018. The reservation is confirmed upon receiving a deposit of 50% of the invoice. The total invoice balance is due 7 days prior to the event. Any invoice balance not paid on time will be increased by a late charge at a rate of 12% per annum.

Season Schedule: 15 May – September 30 September

contact to discuss potential program dates

If a client notifies that they cannot take part in a certain event, cancellation fees will apply. Fees are based on the total invoiced cost of the event.

Data Received Cancellation Fee
61 or more days prior 25%
31-60 days prior 50%
Within 30 days of event 100%

A requested change in date within 30 days of the schedule date, for an similar event on the same year will be charged a 15% rebooking fee.

Weather Cancellations:

We will sail rain or shine but if the conditions are unsafe and are forecasted to remain unsafe, the organiser will cancel the event. Temporary halts to allow a storm cell to pass are more common than complete cancellations. the organiser and the port authorities are the sole determinant of event postponements due to weather. If an event is cancelled due to weather, clients will be granted a credit towards a rescheduled program with no rebooking fee.

There will be no damage deposit since a professional sailor will be on-board, but any damages produced because of improper use of the equipments(like broken windows or tables because of dancing on it or intentionally hitting and so on) will be charged after the event to the client.

Every participant must complete a liability waiver in order to participate in the event. Liability forms will be distributed via PDF before the vent and will be available onsite the day of the event.

All watersport activities contain an element of risk and it should be understood that each person participates at his/her own risk.

We make sure that our safety procedures are strictly adhered to because corporate sailing clients generally have very limited sailing experience. Before going out on the water, participants are briefed on all safety procedures and any dangers to watch for. All participants are required to wear lifejackets while onboard the sailboats.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited before and during all sailing activities.

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